Balance: 1625.85725381 DOGE

0.07 (60%), 0.09 (15%), 0.1 (10%), 0.3 (5%), 0.4 (4%), 0.6 (3%), 0.8 (2%), 1 (1%) DOGE every 5 minutes.


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Top 10 Dogecoin Faucets


We have a collection of the highest paying dogecoin faucets. These faucets are stable and paying instanly. When a new faucets shows up and pays higher than that of the list, we will be replace the other faucet with the higher paying one.

  • Everyone can use our list for free.
  • Dried out faucets will be replace after 2 days.
  • We always check the faucets that are included in our list.

Faucets Included in The List:

Requirements To Earn: